The penguin who came in from the cold

Coming to Mac OS X from over a decade on Linux is quite a change! Here are notes of things I’ve found useful in making the transition, starting with more general and ending at things rather specific (and esoteric!).

Homebrew is sort of a Gentoo ports -, it’s pretty swish and pulls directly down from GitHub based ‘recipes’. There’s a ‘science’ ‘tap’ (PPA) with lots of useful software. But install Latex via MacTex

iTerm2 is a nice terminal client. The true-type font (TTF) Inconsolata works well. Cmd + T for a new tab, Cmd + Arrow to change tab. Cmd + D to split the window vertically, Cmd + Shift + D to split horizontally, Cmd + [ or ] to shift between splits.

Skim is a sophisticated PDF viewer, with annotations - ideal for scribbling on literature.

Ctrl + Arrow to change virtual desktop, look in top right of Wing Commander screen (F3 magic button) to add desktops.

~/.profile rather than ~/.bash_rc. Colour ls via “ alias ls=‘ls -Gp ’ “

Install a modern vim from homebrew (+ relink the old one so /usr/local/bin takes precedence).

Disable the horizontal scroll of your Magic Mouse (+ turn on right click while you’re there), so you can scroll PDFs + etc without sideways distraction:

And turn up the repeat-rate for your keyboard.

Disable all the shearing animations before you start to feel sea sick:

iTunes is clearly a terrible idea. MOCP works - but only via having to install Jack!

Jarvist Moore Frost
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