Online Quantum Mechanics / Quantum Chemistry resources

The first book that I bought during my PhD was the excellent (and cheap!) Szabo and Ostlund ‘Modern Quantum Chemistry’. The development of the SCF method and then treatment of MBPT (which is where the beautiful 4th order Goldstone diagram on the front cover comes from) is absolutely fantastic. However, Szabo is a bit too dry to dig back into for a quick reminder.

I think, unfortunately, that graduate level QM/QC is a bit too esoteric a subject for there to be a MOOC anytime soon, but there are still some very useful resources out there.

I recently stumbled across these 2012 ‘Chalk and Talk’ Videos on Youtube from the Sherrill Group at Georgia Tech - they’re nicely presented, high definition, graduate level lectures covering HF, DFT, CI and CC methods.

In terms of reminding oneself of the basics, Richard Fitzpatrick’s QM notes are extremely readable, and he provides a well typescript (+ hyperlinked, table of contents) PDF.  Going back further (the fundamentals, square potentials, eigenstates / eigenvalues) his undergraduate notes are of a similarly high standard.

And of course, every now and then, I have to reread Styer’s ‘Common misconceptions regarding Quantum Mechanics’.

Do you know of any other good QM/QC resources out there? Please do tell!

Nov 2013 update: Susskind is back, and his beard is looking better than ever! His Advanced QM course ( seems pitched at a nice level to refresh memories of UG Physics. I’ve also been reading the excellent Mathematics for Physicists (Dennery & Krzywicki, Dover) to actually try and properly understand the vector space I apparently work in!

Feynman Lectures in Physics Volume 3 (Quantum!) is now freely available online, beautifully set with MathJax + SVG figures…

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