Coursera course: organic solar cells

Today is the launch of what I believe is the first organic solar cell MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). It’s being delivered by Krebs, Bundgaard and Jørgensen from DTU. The syllabus covers life cycle analysis and characterisation techniques so I think it would be useful for anyone starting research in Photo Voltaics in general.

Organic Solar Cells - Theory and Practice - Coursera

Most exciting for me is that you can order an OPV module for free; they’ll post you a genuine working roll-to-roll processed flexible organic photovoltaic panel. I imagine this will be used in the course to measure Voc, Jsc and possibly with a variable resistor the whole generative quadrant JV curve. But I just want one in my office running a potato clock, or BEAM bot, to remind me to keep the organic faith when all around me are thin films.

Free OPV - order your module today…

I can only hope this is going to be as much fun as DELFT’s course in the Autumn on solar energy:

Jarvist Moore Frost
Electronic structure theory